Chapter II: Journey to the River's End

by Ego



Over the course of 2015 EGO will be releasing 12 very limited edition cassettes (one each month) based around the signs of the zodiac and themes in classical literature pertaining to the number 12.

Chapter II:"Journey to the River's End" focuses on myths pertaining to the constellation Aquarius, "the water bearer", with compositions inspired by Greek, Chinese, and Egyptian mythology as well as visions of river/seafaring life.


released February 13, 2015

Available from Maximum Pelt Records as part of an amazing limited edition box set. for information or visit their Big Cartel. Produced by Dan Rico and Ego at Ottoman Empire in Chicago for Maximum pelt records. Visit Maximum Pelt's Big Cartel for more information. Tracks 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, and 10 feature Joshua Lambert on drums and track 10 features Josh on background vocals. All songs composed and arranged by Bertorelli/Wisniewski/Rico



all rights reserved


Ego Chicago, Illinois

Ego is the long-standing collaboration of three Chicago natives who met in their teens and have been playing together since. They liken their music to a magical tree with punk roots, a rock n roll trunk, bluesy branches, noisey leaves, and psychadelic fruit. Ego also run a record label and studio, Maximum Pelt and DIY music venues (Ottoman Emipre, Wallys World). ... more

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Track Name: Riverside
Down by the riverside
how you shoot up my mind
we’d take a walk or swim my baby
ignore the passersby
ignore the darkening tide
through passion peace and strife I’m yours

you told me softly that you loved me
Already knew that it was true
as long as there are skies above me
the riverside reminds of you

down by riverside
withhold a heavy sigh
the waters washed away my baby

she shimmers in the light
I miss her day and night
the stars reflect along the shore

down by the riverside
I lost my one delight
her image floating in the dark

down by the riverside
last time I held her tight
our love floats gently
from the shore

down by the riverside
Track Name: Flood Vows
if you see a window
open, shut it
if you see a window,
close it now
out in the open and ya
take off running
the storm will find you somehow

if ya got a heavy load
go on, cut it
if ya got a heavy load
tie it down
top of the hill and ya can
see it coming
the storm is going to find you out

(CHORUS) the rain is blowing sideways
washing out the byways
ask yourself this, pretty child:
are you going my way?

if your hand finds a line
go on, grasp it
if your hand finds a line
hold it tight
pitching on the water and there's
no use asking
the storm always wins the fight

if your feet touch the bottom
keep on walking
if your feet reach the bottom
stand upright
breathe through your nose but
no more talking
or the storm is gonna win tonight

(CHORUS) the rain is blowing sideways
washing out the byways
ask yourself this, pretty child:
are you going my way?
Track Name: For Pyrrha
dawn in the head
fawn in the bed
the whole world is red

clock in a craze
all is rearranged
all could be obtained in a day
any way
can’t wait

don’t look at me
aint nothing to see
just over empathy
and claims

rough looking girl
choking down the world
softening her words
with dreams

what’s it mean?

soft with me
can it be
my canopy
in the rain

red letter day
watch it fade away
maybe linger gray
and then wane
can’t complain

pleasure and pain
seek it again
comes softly as rain
to the shore

black dirty floor
coming back for more
death lingers door
my friend

my friend
my dirty friend
my friend
my filthy friend
my friend
my dirty friend
my friend
my little friend
Track Name: We Are the Nine
i am the fire catcher
i am the wind snatcher
i am the earth tearer
i am the flood bearer

we are the nine
we are the nine

i am the birth giver
beneath the great river
born a long time
nothing without life

we are the nine

i am the mountain jeweler
i am the desert fueler
i am the star singer
i am the archangel

we are the nine