Chapter VII: The Narrowing Claws of Life

by Ego



Over the course of 2015 EGO will be releasing 12 very limited edition albums to cassette tape (one each month) based around the signs of the zodiac and themes in classical literature pertaining to the number 12.

*Chapter VII: The Narrowing Claws of Life" explores narratives and motifs pertaining to the astrological sign Cancer, The crab. Under Cancer, the darkest zodiac sign, Ego focus on themes of social critique and dissolution.

The cassette/download is available in a limited edition box set from Maximum Pelt Records! The box set includes all 12 tapes from the series as well as an exclusive 13th tape, a limited-edition t shirt, and zine!!


released July 15, 2015

Recorded July 2015 at Ottoman Empire in Chicago for Maximum Pelt Records.

All songs written, arranged, composed and performed by Ego.

Produced by Dan Rico

Ego is
Magic Ian
Fumo Stromboli
Dan Rico



all rights reserved


Ego Chicago, Illinois

Ego is the long-standing collaboration of three Chicago natives who met in their teens and have been playing together since. They liken their music to a magical tree with punk roots, a rock n roll trunk, bluesy branches, noisey leaves, and psychadelic fruit. Ego also run a record label and studio, Maximum Pelt and DIY music venues (Ottoman Emipre, Wallys World). ... more

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Track Name: Narcissus Narcosis
disproportioned moments ever ending
narcissus narcosis dulling down
the feels we would feel
the lives we would lead

the now is breaking down
(no commotion)
we’re proud of our crowd
take a little break
when every things at stake

I am who I am
(No commotion)
but am I who I am?
Should I be who I be?
(A sense of rising)
Can I see what I see?

the now is breaking down
(no commotion )
the trouble in your frown
the feels that you feel
misbecoming unbereal

simulations of everyday thinking
slowly replace the thoughts themselves
we aim to create something new and beautiful
but every things so new and beautiful
and gone, just like that, dust on a shelf
what’s left but to reassess
our approach to our senses
when we ask ourselves what’s really going on
Track Name: Medium Fool
uncompelled with lonesome garbage
I’m in love with the television on
wax poetic broken hearted
in a flood of sweet doldrums

innocent and boring
medium fool

travels fast as mental hygeine
through the stormy glow of truth
hallucination in my eye cream
emancipation in my booze

retell the stories
medium fool

another crook under my shoulder
another mirror in my lap
i want a disconnected lover
cut out a rib and throw it back

dissonant reflection
medium fool
Track Name: Michael's Way
don’t be scared
have no fear
here together always near
take my hand
strength be grand
we’ve been through a lot my friend
we are young

abject and introspective runaways
ensnared in what became before
picked up a book and put the sun away
your lovers love, you love the door

you know why i’m here
to make you disappear
you ashy apple of mud
you gotta you gotta go

"why even bother bother bother bother bother
who gives a damn damn damn damn damn damn
too late to try try try try try try
i know who i am”

emblazoned bower bitter circumstance
you know he saw it all in store
sympathies supplicate we lost our chance
we just can’t stay anymore

you know why he's here
our grace was insincere
i’m just a lover of love
we've gotta
we've gotta run
Track Name: Endless Blue
I told you I would stand guard
For everything you hold dear and true
The sole protector of fates
Keeping watch in the endless blue

How could I be such a fool?
I let my pride get the best of me
It all just slipped through my hands
Acting careless and brazenly

Tried to reach for a friend
But in the end he just let me down
I sought a means to an end
I know it's me who let them drown
Track Name: Descending Claw
Evening psycho finds Sun God
Thousands look on, secretly turned on
It's 20 to the junction, 15 minutes inbound
and only 45 left in the dull remainder of your life

Try to connect the line
See to the end of the day
Different every time, different in every way
What it is? What it could be?
Feeding back into itself
99 bottles on the wall; another one comes off the shelf

Styled by their favorite television events, ambling into popular lunch haunts deep into the afternoon, right? Boutique television events, forged deep in the basin of the smoking mirror, bubbling across the wire and the wireless, benchmarking and compressing. The smoking mirror, Tezcatlipoca: enemy of both sides, great wound of our being, maybe even the raw signal spins faster and faster until it appears to be a smooth, gleaming, and shuddering sphere.

Why live when you can be alive
Seriously obsidian: the bottom of the pit
Cash is to ashes
Lust to must as light to lens,
Life to rendering,
Vitreous by nature.
Track Name: And I Know
I need a moment
To catch the breath that went away
Your face is golden
I see it shining through the haze

Everywhere, look around
Exploding stars and flashing lights
In my eyes, it's no surprise
You are the star shining bright

I wanna kiss you
'Neath the first rays of the sun
In total silence,
In a vacuum we are one

I feel eternal
As we step out in the void
We look behind us
Seeing all we have destroyed

Looking back, on our path
The cities crumble and fall
In in the sun, we are one
We are one, and one for all