Chapter XI: Serket's Direction

by Ego



"Chapter 11: Serket's Direction" is the 11th album out of a thirteen album series following the cycle of the Zodiac in the year 2015.

Serket ("one who tightens the throat") was the ancient Egyptian Goddess of animals, nature, medicine, magic, and fertility. A benign protectress of gods, pharaohs, and subjects alike she had the power to heal wounds caused by snake and insect bikes.

In chapter 11 Ego take a step into the unknown-- encountering objects unforetold, the stinging barbs of unseen challenges, the obstacles you bump in the night-- and celebrate the healing and growth present in moving forward.


released November 21, 2015

Track 1 Featured Evan Burrows on Drums.
Track 4 Features Bill Tucker on Vocals and Guitar.
Tracks 1-3 written, composed, produced, arranged by Ego
Track 4 written, composed, produced, arranged by Bill Tucker and Ego



all rights reserved


Ego Chicago, Illinois

Ego is the long-standing collaboration of three Chicago natives who met in their teens and have been playing together since. They liken their music to a magical tree with punk roots, a rock n roll trunk, bluesy branches, noisey leaves, and psychadelic fruit. Ego also run a record label and studio, Maximum Pelt and DIY music venues (Ottoman Emipre, Wallys World). ... more

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Track Name: New Sensation
rico groovy

Can you fashion passioned objectivity?
supple mountains crossed and lost in wandered heaps
creature comfort confronting eternity
new sensation manifest in harmony
I’ve seen the low
I’ve seen the whole darn thing

finding comfort in the rub oh! glory-be!
herculean sewing up divergent needs
parallel lives vided vie before the T
socio-eco-echo not quite what it seems

I’ve seen the low
I’ve seen the whole nothing

Can you fashion passioned objectivity?
neutral comfort in the blood of all that be
go perfect your bowl of sand and falling harms
curse the surface never sink obey your art

I’ve seen the low
I’ve seen the whole darn thing
Track Name: Ocean View
The ocean sings outside my window
in sunlit riffs a rhythm rare
a song of ancient tale enveloped
through the years

the full moon fair and we’re together
keep learning each and every day
the winter’s here prepare for weather
what will change

the ocean sleeps outside my window
with dulcet breeze and siren sighs
In vaulted waves divine an echo
through the night
Track Name: Arcane Superhighway
Soft blinking lights
dazzles my dreams at night.
Relax and hold me tight--
for who(?) knows when?

Shadow in the dark
cast upon a heavy heart
crystal eyes, celestial fire
tonight i’m yours

I hear a voice--
it says I have a choice.
Superficial walls of noise
who knows(?) what for(?)

i just can’t take anymore
synthetic life bereft of glory
look to the skies they tell the story
we must be sure

i have a friend
he’s at his bitter end
desperate to be born again
kicked out the door

i just can’t take any more
synthetic life
bereft of glory
look in my eyes
they tell the story
we must
be sure