Chapter XII: Equo Dimidium

by Ego



The final chapter in the 12-chapter zodiac set, "Equo Dimidium," explores precepts of righteousness, equally, and renewal as the series draws to an end.


released December 29, 2015

Written, Arranged, and Performed by EGO.
Produced by EGO and Dan Rico
Ego Is:



all rights reserved


Ego Chicago, Illinois

Ego is the long-standing collaboration of three Chicago natives who met in their teens and have been playing together since. They liken their music to a magical tree with punk roots, a rock n roll trunk, bluesy branches, noisey leaves, and psychadelic fruit. Ego also run a record label and studio, Maximum Pelt and DIY music venues (Ottoman Emipre, Wallys World). ... more

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Track Name: Can't Let Go
Constant cigarette smoking on the road
insane the sibilant secrets you told
i can’t
I can’t
go home

you crossed your legs you squeezed your eyelids closed
sittin here in silence alone
But hey man
Hey man
You already know
Hey man, You already know

Hey man,
Hey man,
You’re good to go.

consciousness taking its toll
the people you meet on the low

But I can’t
I can’t
Let Go
Track Name: Altar Ager
here do you aim
when you throw your stones
don’t wait up
cause i’m not coming home.
it’s the places i go
i am never alone
how can you sing
in a monotone
how can you accept
what you don’t condone
there’s more to life
that all your own
there’s more to find
in your own unknown
Track Name: Coming of Age in America
Come joy
i don’t see no
difference between us
just fear where there should be love

come joy
i don’t see no
reason for bloodshed
reason for hatred
love your brother
love your sister

no fear where there should be love
Track Name: Trans
accidental daydream rasterization bearing down on a login id, a portal to another SCSI-based sense of self, an umbilical tether of invisible electric air, wireless rays of sunlight, a duo-core mind over clocked, skipping on rippling teraflops undulating like the fluid dynamics of a worldwide neural net.

memories, randomly accessed and dis-integrated, lending to the curation of a multifaceted paradox: two realities, one mind.

or two minds one body, post body, trans human, the last minds together become the architects of the final mind.

digital pod person delicately doting a duplicate, a sleeping cell in the new organism forged in the primordial sludge of the data stream, back later gone fishing. the entire sum of human history compressed into a single UNICODE emojii seen by no one and understood intimately by the brain of the universe, an inside joke or the joke inside. the icon of the final emotion.

the body could be obsolete, the chassis of an older operating system, an old dialect, a second language. i swim in the new aether, the one conjured up before me in my mind, I see it and i know it to be real because you say you can see it as well. i open my eyes and i see into your mind, and i look inwards and you are all there with me. no interference: the perfect connection. when will it happen or did it happen already?
Track Name: Thin Layers
Well isn’t it fascinating
what you have you just can’t touch
thin layers separating
the things we love away from us

what is can't be spoken
what is shown but can’t be named
for every answer doorways open
for every question danger waits
Track Name: Eye Don't Mind
The older that I get, the more it grinds
Those that I think are friends aren’t really friends sometimes
Everyone doesn’t always see eye-to-eye
When they share what’s really on their mind

So I tried to pantomime the Deeper Me
Enjoyed a type of Smokescreen Philosophy
It’s a shell that acts and seems to be
A shadow cast in sharp relief

I found there were two parts that made up me
The top part was a human, the bottom was a beast
I might encounter you in the street
You seem like someone I would like to meet

Now that both of us have finally met (and we know when we look that we know what we’re looking at)
I think it is time that we called ourselves friends (but we know what we see isn’t really what we see)
There's just one thing you said that I can’t forget
Seeing eye-to-eye, well it all depends
Track Name: Wherever You Go, There You Are
so you go and so you lose your way
such uncertainty in every day
each enamored moment feels the same
wouldn’t wanna be ya
didn’t wanna see ya
suffering through

ill be simple ill be sad to leave
all your dreams are never actually
hope you find a way to tell what’s real
wouldn’t wanna preach not
qualified to teach ya
how to feel

wherever you go
takes its toll, takes its toll
wherever you go
there you are