Chapter IV: On Gilded Wing

by Ego



Over the course of 2015 EGO will be releasing 12 very limited edition albums to cassette tape (one each month) based around the signs of the zodiac and themes in classical literature pertaining to the number 12.

*Chapter IV: On Gilded Wing* explores narratives and motifs pertaining to the astrological sign Aries, the ram. The stories of the golden fleece, from its origin on a golden ram to the voyage of Jason and the Argonauts to the tragic tale of Medea, are all encompassed here. We learn sometimes even the greatest adventures end in ruin, and all that glitters is not gold..

The cassette/download is available in a limited edition box set from Maximum Pelt Records!


released May 2, 2015

Recorded at Ottoman Empire Studios in Chicago. All songs Written/Arranged/Performed by Ego. Produced by Dan Rico and Ego at the Ottoman Empire.

Kenneth Klemaier - guitar on "Daytime Meteor Shower" and "The Champion" / Champion Interludes

Ego is:

Majik Aeon- Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Drums, Keyboard
Fumo Stromboli- Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Drums, Keyboard, Violin, Saxophone
Dan Rico-Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Drums, Keyboard



all rights reserved


Ego Chicago, Illinois

Ego is the long-standing collaboration of three Chicago natives who met in their teens and have been playing together since. They liken their music to a magical tree with punk roots, a rock n roll trunk, bluesy branches, noisey leaves, and psychadelic fruit. Ego also run a record label and studio, Maximum Pelt and DIY music venues (Ottoman Emipre, Wallys World). ... more

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Track Name: Daytime Meteor Shower
Such a strange thing, brighter than the night
Fire in the Sky
One Five Six Six Icarus Alive
Fire in the Sky
Oh, Follow Me Home
Stay Up all the Night
Watch The Sunrise Alone
Catch them as they Fly
Such a Strange Thing, Brighter than the night
Fire in the Sky
Guiding the daytime
Track Name: Sunkissed Brow
Oh how we fly across the sky
All those below us passing by
On Golden wing the sun is shining
I've got my sister she's right behind me
the world looks tiny when I am looking now

Our stepmother
the evil Ino
she tried to kill us
cuz she was jealous
A prophecy
oh how she faked it
good thing the ram is here to save us
fly so high never coming down
leave the enemy crying on the ground

The golden ram spreads it winds
it is the savior it is the king
Oh how we fly across the sky
leaving Ino far behind
golden sunshine gently kisses my brow
wind whips through my hair nothing can stop us now
Track Name: For Helle
Lo and Behold
Wing and Gold
Look at her falling I cannot save her, oh no.
Crash in the water can you here me calling? oh no.
"Helle! Helle! Helle! Helle! Helle! Helle! Helle! Helle!"
Track Name: Oh Worry
just a half witted kid
left one shoe in the mud
destined yea to be king
first a vision of blood

oh worry, oh worry

built a majestic ship
hired a historic crew
still there’s something amiss
in the sin of virtue

oh worry, oh worry, oh worry, oh worry

what was that chiron’d say
think first listen be brave
vanity makes a slave jason
stay away from the symplegades

oh worry, oh worry, oh worry, oh worry
Track Name: Waiting
I've been waiting
but still there are three tasks that I must do
Tell me,
won't you help me?
Medea won't you help me to pull through?
Help me to plow the field here
the fiery ox shakes me with fear
your ointment keeps me safe as I sow the dragon's teeth
but will grow now from this evil seed?

hoards of spartoids
sprang up reanimated from the ground
Medea I really need ya
how can one man beat this army down?
Of course she had a trick up her sleeve--
One you'd have to see to believe
So I threw the rock at her behest
and watched as they beat themselves to death
Just one more
to get what I came for
The sleepless dragon's all that's in my way
Sweet sleepy poison
In the dragon's face I'm going to spray
When the dragon falls asleep
Is when I grab the golden fleece
Then with great haste I will sail through the night
and I'll have my Medea by my side
No More Waiting
No More waiting
no more waiting
Track Name: Ballad of Our Hero
Act like he died
Make sure you cry
Sneak him off
While he's still alive....
Inside a cave:
Learn to be brave
In the wilderness and darkness,
He's got years to train...
And when he's grown
He'll take the throne
Beware of a stranger
With one sandal on!
Heracles and Atalanta
Argonauts are coming at ya
The boat's prow is enchanted
It's misty voice is incanting:
"Off to Salmydessus, off to Salmydessus!"

Phineas is hardly
In the mood to party
He's in the dumps
With a gang of harpies...
If you can fake it
Then you can make it
Safely through
The Symplegades!
Talk to that shifty
King Aeetes;
He's talking backwards,
But you get his meaning...
Killer bulls that breathe fire
Dragons teeth make zombie fighters
Shoot the hole and steal the fleece
Get the girl, head back to Greece:
You will be in love forever
Only gods can love forever!
Track Name: Indicator of the Reborn Son
The king of the wind with a head of a ram
Necklace of stones and an ankh in his hand
Defeater of darkness
The defeater
Of the darkest one
The defeater of the darkest one
Of the darkest one
The Great Inscription come undone
Deep inside Karnak
The writing's on the wall
Most Selected of Places
18 dynasties tall
Defeater of darkness
The indicator of the reborn sun
The indicator of the reborn sun
Yeah, the Great Inscription's come undone
Track Name: Hecate's Lipstick
Pushed you afire pulled you assunder
and all the things you slew for me
creatures of great centurion wonder
emblazoned battles over sea

and you had blue eyes
and you had blue eyes
and you had blue eyes
your voice poetry, you're words a cypher, your hands a tome
and you had soft kiss barbaric full hips and hecate’s lipstick
she left your country behind your family behind your home

i wrote my life down in a fable
practiced my print morality
and though my lies look sure on paper
destruction's folded in the seams

and you had blue eyes you had blue eyes you had blue eyes
your voice imploring,
your words endurant, trembling tears
and you had red fists
brandished with mischief
hecate’s lipstick
first you love me
then you hate me
and then you don’t care
Track Name: In A Look
In a look from a falling star
calliope with her hair of flowers
you don't like it
you don't have to like it
wanna fight it, you don't have to fight with me
In a look
in a serpent's heart
put her gold dress and her father's arms
you don't like it
you don't have to like it
couldn't fight it
why you have to fight with me?
take it back
take back that molten dream
take back that child's scream
take back that golden fleece
take back those dragon's teeth
why won't you take back everything?