Chapter X: The Weight of Worth

by Ego



Scientists and philosophers alike theorize there's a balance in the universe, an equilibrium toward which every thing we do our experience strives. Perhaps this is true, or perhaps that's just a rationale to ease the chaos we to encounter every day. One thing feels certain.. as the balance shifts, the weights pile higher on either side." Chapter X: The Weight of Worth" explores themes of great age, balance, gravity, clashing forces, and the quest for resolution.


released October 24, 2015

Composed, Arranged, Performed, and Produced by EGO at the Ottoman Empire in Chicago as part of a 13- album Zodiac-themed series.

Bill Tucker plays guitar on "Material Disintersect" and "(xxx)",

Evan Burrows plays drums on "Fool on the Fulcrum", "Oh! Methuselah"



all rights reserved


Ego Chicago, Illinois

Ego is the long-standing collaboration of three Chicago natives who met in their teens and have been playing together since. They liken their music to a magical tree with punk roots, a rock n roll trunk, bluesy branches, noisey leaves, and psychadelic fruit. Ego also run a record label and studio, Maximum Pelt and DIY music venues (Ottoman Emipre, Wallys World). ... more

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Track Name: Psalm of the Sorceress
sword and the scale for the seer with a spirit in her eyes
psalm of the star singing sorceress sifting sands of time
Track Name: Sudden Chill
sense the call
will you answer it
all around
things are happening, happening

sudden chill
are we hanging out?
shot a glance
are you picking up, picking up on it?

Hand in hand
we can walk about
take a chance
on a passing crowd, brand new crowd

brand new day
are you grasping it

brand new way
to be hanging out,
hanging out
Track Name: Psalm of the Serpent
can it be calamity
alchemist’s delight
canopies and angels roar

fashioned a base crime
must serve a purpose coarse

curving the straight line
into the moribund depths you soar

extravagance wastes time
passion is crude, you serpent
Track Name: Fool on The Fulcrum
Swinging upside down
from a pine on the outside of town
not sure what he meant
as the blood rushed to his head

Swaying upside down
hanging by his foot from a tree outside of town
Not sure what he meant
I'd ask but all the blood is in head.

Fool on the Fulcrum
More on the way
All of the Choices
We'll Never make

On the fulcrum
No other way
All of the choices
We face Every Day
Track Name: Sway
sane, half crazy
don’t lose sleep
placed in a jagged heap

nothin to say
watching you sway

thank you,
thank you for your violet haze
thank you,
don’t ever let it fade

nothin to say
watching you sway
watching you sway

my friend of friends
that breaks don’t mend
can’t you lend
a little tender hand
a little tender hand
Track Name: Windy Smile
all you see
soft repeat
couldn't take your time
couldn't wait your turn
all your calling cards depleted
somethings happening

soft with me
closed company
so dull
so dull

can you wait for me
i can't wait to do
joy in all your things

windy smile